Life and Campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall Jackson)

Author: Robert L. Dabney

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Publisher's Commentary: This biographical masterpiece couples the brilliant pen of Robert Lewis Dabney with a subject especially dear to him: the life of his beloved general, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, for whom Dabney served as chaplain. Dabney weaves his own theological, philosophical, historical, and political expertise into the text to turn the story of Jackson into a comprehensive lesson on what might be called the Confederate Worldview. In addition to providing all the didactic insights into the private thoughts, habits, and affections of Jackson that one might expect in a biography, Dabney also includes many relevant sideline discussions, such as the distinction between Fate and Providence; assessments of the moral character of the African race; commentary on the fanatical Know-Nothing Party; the chivalry of Robert the Bruce; a critique of Napoleonic battle tactics; the difference between perfect and imperfect rights; and the legal and ethical grounds for secession.

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