Insights into the People, Lands, and Civilizations of Africa.

Most students of world history will have at least a smattering of background in the histories of Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas, but much less so of the history of Africa. There simply seems to be much less source material (i.e. contemporaneous records) on the topic. However, the people, geography, resources, civilizations, religions, and cultures are no less interesting than the others. It is our hope to shed as much light on these topics as possible.

It is also our hope to especially publish works that shed light on the intersection of African history with American history. There is no doubt that the forced migration of slaves from Africa to the American continents had a profound effect on the trajectories of both. It is our contention that a proper understanding of the history of slavery in Africa is essential to understanding the history of slavery and racial conflict in America.


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