Memoirs of Rev. John Leighton Wilson, D. D.

Author: Hampden C. DuBose, D. D.

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Publisher's Commentary

Leighton Wilson and his wife labored for nearly 20 years in Africa as Christian missionaries, first in Cape Palmas, later in the Gaboon (known today as Gabon). After retiring for health reasons, he became an important cog in the support mechanism supporting Christian missions for the Presbyterian Church, helping to light a missions fire in that denomination. He is well-known for his history Western Africa: Its History, Condition, and Prospects. This biography fills in many details about his background, education, missionary work, linguistic efforts, labors to end the African slave trade, and years as the Secretary of Foreign Missions for the Presbyterian Church. He was well acquainted with some of the great theological minds of the day, such as Charles Hodge and Robert L. Dabney. His thoughts about slave emancipation and colonization are valuable insights into the complexity of those issues. His love of, and care for, the Africans he served is evident throughout his life, and we think his example is worthy of notice.


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